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We just got married. Well, in fact, we got married two years ago. We are Deira and Pablo, the couple behind Alegría Industries. And it’s actually our projects, Walk with Me and Alegría, that are getting married. Walk with Alegría is happening.

We have been working side by side for almost three years, but have only just realised how close our projects always were.

Deira has been working in our Madrid workshop, designing and manufacturing Alegría Industries bags, backpacks and accessories. Inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, every Alegria bag is handcrafted on site. Meanwhile, Pablo has been working on Walk With Me, creating stationery products, collaborating with illustrators to create maps of London, Barcelona and Madrid, and developing pocket guides to discover each city’s hidden gems.

It’s been an amazing journey, growing our companies, and developing the products that we thought the world was missing. From ideas, to sketches, to real-life objects.

So this year we are joining forces. From now on, Alegría and Walk With Me are on the same path, and we hope you are too.

Alegria Welcome

Visit Walk With Me website and check out our new range of bags and backpacks.